First, thank you so much for being here. I am so honored and excited you connected with my work. My name is Atalia (Ah-Tah-lee-Ah) lol I hope that makes it easier to say lol. I am a photographer based in Palm Springs,CA and I specialize in wedding, elopements and lifestyle photography. I am happily married to the love of my life and have 2 amazing kiddos. My business is actually named after them!

 I have been a professional photographer since January 2021 but before that I have always loved photographing friends and family. My photography has evolved so much and It's amazing to see all the families, couples and weddings I am able to photograph. The way I love to describe my photography is, fun, true to color and timeless. I want to connect with my clients, make them feel at ease, have fun, get comfortable and make them laugh. Taking the picture is fraction of the part, the other is connecting with my clients. I want to capture the real you. So let's take an adventure, if that means hiking a mountain, jumping in the ocean, or taking a detour because we saw an amazing spot, let's freakin do it!!!

Hi Atalia here your photographer!

Fun facts about me!

- My business is named after my kids!! A for my daughter and J for my son. They are the loves of my life and the reason why I work my butt off. 

- I am a huge Taylor Swift fan, yup I'm a Swifty. 

- I actually have my Masters in Social Work. 

- I am a helpless romantic and you will see me watching all the rom coms lol. That's probably why I love taking romantic photos.  

i'm so glad you're here!

Fly me to you!

Are we close?!

The intention behind my photoshoots

Goals & Purpose!

Xx, Atalia

Over the years of being a photographer I have invested so much in education. It's honestly the most important part in becoming a professional photographer. I first invested in education and then in better equipment. This is why I finally offer mentoships! Ahhh I get to teach others what I have learned! I currently manage a full time job and my photography business. How? well let me tell you how! I offer different packages and you can ask me literally anything you have in mind! So head over to my education page and let's get you booked!!

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