Santa Monica Wedding

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July 24, 2023

Wow, this wedding was one for the books! On the most perfect day with the most perfect couple, Nancy and Alex, celebrated their joyous union in a series of fun and special moments with their closest friends and loved ones. As the day went on you could feel the love flowing through the air and wishing Nancy and Alex a lifetime of happiness. From their elegant Santa Monica Catholic church, where they exchanged vows and sealed their love in front of their closest friends and family to the dinner you could feel the love from everyone around. The church ceremony was heartfelt emotions, laughter, and love as their loved ones witnessed the beginning of their beautiful journey together. The celebrations continued with an enchanting dinner at Birdie G’s, where the atmosphere was alive with love and laughter. Surrounded by their dear ones, Nancy and Alex enjoyed delectable cuisine and shared heartwarming stories, creating cherished memories that would be etched in their hearts forever. The day was a perfect reflection of the love and joy that Nancy and Alex brought into each other’s lives, surrounded by the warmth of their loved ones.

Santa Monica Wedding

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