La Quinta Resort Wedding

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August 1, 2023

Wow, I wish I could’ve taken you all with me on this wedding day! It was so much fun as the newly married couple Dianna and Patrick overflowed with love it was contagious! I mean it from family to friends everyone who was there wished this couple nothing but the best. It’s the type of wedding you’ve been wishing for your whole life. If you know this couple you would know why they were so filled with love. They are one of the nicest couples you have ever met! As their special day went on laughter and joy intertwined, creating an atmosphere that exuded an overwhelming sense of unity and celebration. With family and friends encircling them, their bond grew even stronger, fortified by the love and well-wishes showered upon them. The photographs immortalized not only the couple’s commitment but also the cherished memories shared with those they hold dear, forever preserving a moment in time that exemplified the power of love in the heart of the California desert. I cannot be more thankful they allowed me to not only be their photographer but be in the presence of all the love and joy!

La Quinta Resort Wedding

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