Malibu California- My Start with Film

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November 15, 2023

Malibu, Ca a beautiful place to photograph.

Ever since I can remember, I have always wanted to try new things and learn more about it. I really think its just in my nature to want to learn. So when I saw pictures taken with film, I just knew that was the new trait I needed to learn more about. I learned about it in high school. We had a dark room and we developed our own fil. It was the BEST!! But that was over 10 years ago lol. I wanted to learn more so I decided to embark a mentorship with Duey Photos. The experience was like no other. Unlike the immediacy of digital photography, the limited number of shots makes you consider each frame carefully. Duey Photos shared insights on composition, lighting, the art of storytelling, and understanding of the creative process. As the mentorship progressed, I found myself more comfortable in film photography but also developed a profound appreciation for the limited shots that comes with film. The imperfections, the grain, and the unpredictable nature of film become essential to my aesthetic, shaping my identity as a photographer. Taking this mentorship showed me the joy of slowing down, embracing the processes, and crafting images that carry a timeless quality in a fast-paced digital age. This experience that not only sharpened my technical skills but also enriched my soul as a storyteller and artist. I am still learning and no where near perfect, but we all start somewhere. The important thing is to start! Thank you Duey for the amazing mentorship!

Malibu California- My Start with Film

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