Blissful Maternity Studio Shoot in a Palm Springs, Ca Studio.

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November 22, 2023

Location: Palm Springs, Ca

I don’t know if its a millennial thing but have you guys seen the recent posts on social media regarding the 80s studio pictures? The ones often taken at the mall back in the day? Anyways… consider these the updated sophisticated studio photos. These are not taken at the mall but in a studio that’s full of natural light and carefully curated backdrops to create the perfect ambiance for any photoshoot. I love all photoshoots but there’s something about having a maternity photoshoot session at a studio. This was one for the books! You can just see the expecting couple so happy waiting for their bundle of joy. They chose to wear matching white shirts that accentuated the simplicity and elegance of the occasion. The white flowing shirt of the mother-to-be highlighted her baby bump, while the father-to-be complemented her attire in a crisp white shirt. Laughter resonated throughout the studio as the couple flourished the joy of the moment. I loved capturing the spontaneous moments, the genuine smiles and shared laughter that reflected the couple’s excitement and deep connection. These candid shots became the heart of the photoshoot, capturing the authentic emotions of this beautiful chapter in their lives. If you are thinking of booking a studio shoot I 1000% recommend it!

Blissful Maternity Studio Shoot in a Palm Springs, Ca Studio.

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