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December 4, 2023

Doesn’t this photoshoot seem straight out of the fairytale? Maybe not a fairytale but definitely pinterest! This started as a regular photoshoot then quickly became something more. The photoshoot unfolded during the golden hour, that magical time just before sunset. The couple arrived, she was unaware of the surprise, as the sun began its descent, he kneeled down and asked one of the most important question of his life. I captured candid moments leading up to the surprise. Positioned strategically, I ensured every emotion and detail would be preserved in the final images. With the surprise revealed, the photoshoot seamlessly transitioned into an engagement session. The couple, wrapped in the warm hues of the fading sunlight, posed naturally along the landscape. I directed the couple through poses that reflected both the tenderness of their love and the beauty of the surroundings. These images marked the conclusion of a magical sunset surprise engagement session, filled with love, warmth, and the promise of a shared future. It baffles me that I can be a part of something so special. I am so happy they chose me to capture this precious moment.

Engagement Bliss

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