Big Bear Engagement Photoshoot

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December 29, 2023

Being a native southern californian, Big Bear is typically the go to place to escape the heat and get some cooler whether. Especially in the winter season, Big Bear is where we go to get some snow. This year the snow was late so when I took this photoshoot there wasnt any however, we still got all the winter/ fallish vibes. Just look at all the photos I was able to capture! Nicole and Christopher are the sweetest couple and it was so easy and fun to photograph them through the lens of my camera. Surrounded by the pine trees and beauty of the surroundings, their love and connection was easily captured. They were staying in a cabin and the rustic details of the cabin became a perfect stage for the authenticity of their love. Outside of the cabin, we embraced the nature, I was able to guide them to just be themseleves while I went around them and captured as many candid photos as possible. As we walked and posed we were able to reach a peak where you can see the big bear lake in the background. What a view that was! Every photograph was so much fun to capture as Nicole and Christopher made it so easy. I am so happy they reached out to me and I was able to capture these pictures that will last a lifetime!

Big Bear Engagement Photoshoot

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