First Sunset Photoshoot of 2024

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January 9, 2024

Hello 2024! Let the new year begin! I am so excited for this year. I have many plans which I cant wait to share but first lets talk about one of my favorite photoshoots of 2023. I love when couples want to book a photoshoot. There doesnt need to be a holiday to book a session with me and commemorate the love you have between you and your spouse. Just look at the chemistry between these two lovebirds! This photoshoot was so much fun because it was so easy to photograph their love and the vintage truck was just the cherry on top of this photoshoot. The vintage truck became the timeless centerpiece of the photoshoot. During golden hour, the sun hit on the truck in all the perfect angles making the truck the perfect prop. After the sun set, we opened the truck and I told the couple to just pretend that I wasn’t there. As I let the couple be together I was able to get the most perfect candid shots. They are just so in love and I was able to capture their love. This whole photoshoot was taken place against the backdrop of mountains which laid nature in perfect harmony. Im just obsessed on how everything came out!

First Sunset Photoshoot of 2024

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